Printing & Multimedia

Service sheets (orders of service) may be printed for handing out at the funeral service. Families are encouraged to be involved in setting out and designing the personalised service sheets for the funeral. We can produce quality colour service sheets and photo enlargements. We will advise you as to how soon we need the details so that everything is ready in time for the funeral.

Service sheets are an important part of the funeral process, as they offer a very special keepsake to every person attending the service with a photo of the decesased on the cover page. Although it does not have to be a step by step guide of what will occur at the funeral, it is more a memorial of that day.  Names of those providing eulogies and tributes, as well as pall bearers will be listed, perhaps the music or the hymns to be sung on the day may be itemized as this was special to the deceased, there may also bea collage of photographs showing the deceased’s life